Leadership Conference: Host and Panel Moderator

I was honoured when asked to host the Women of Impact Organization’s first annual Leadership Conference.  It was equally exciting because this is the first conference that I have ever hosted.  To top it all off,  it included a panel of amazing women:  Arielle Kayabaga, the first black female Councillor for the City of London, Ontario; Margaret Hancock, Executive Director of Family Service Toronto; Avril Riley, Author and International Leadership Business Coach/Strategist.  Thus, my duties were to facilitate the discussion, engage with the audience and really make the event a success!  I received a lot of positive feedback from attendees.  Although embarking on something new always brings that feeling of hesitation and nervousness…I was definitely up for the challenge, especially since it was for a great cause.  The Women of Impact Organization is all about making sure that education and resources are readily available for women of all ages across all parts of the globe.  Take a look at a couple of photos from the event!


Sharma MacDonald hosts WIO Leadership Conference
Sharma MacDonald speaks to the audience at the first annual Women of Impact Organization Leadership Conference
Sharma MacDonald moderating WIO Leadership Conference Panel
Sharma MacDonald moderates the Panel


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