TOKYO 2020

This title represents a lot to me ironically, which is why I just had to do a post about it.  Of course there’s been buzz over the last several months over the Summer Olympics being held this month in Tokyo; especially controversy pertaining to the pandemic. I can see why athletes wanted to go ahead and compete without allowing this Covid-19 pandemic to get in the way. I mean, this is what they train for morning, noon, and night so it must be difficult to keep putting such an event off, especially one that comes around once every four years. For many athletes, these games would be their last. As a Canadian, I am so happy to cheer on our amazing athletes…from our first gold medalist of these games swimmer Margaret Mac Neil; and also as an Advocate for Mental Health, I couldn’t be more proud of U.S. champion Simone Biles being open and honest about the break that she needs to care for her own mental state.

I feel like I had my own “Tokyo experience” actually 😊. My Film titled 2020 was an Official Selection around the same time at the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival.  Which is why the title of this post “TOKYO 2020” is so fitting!  I was so honoured to know that a film that I wrote resonated with their Japanese audience and beyond; this is why I love being an Artist…the way that our creations can touch the lives of others in ways we couldn’t even imagine.  Go Tokyo!!  I also like to think that I won my own gold medal (hehehe) when I learned that my film won BEST NARRATIVE SHORT FILM recently at The African Film Festival in Dallas, Texas. 

What I’ve learned this past month is that no matter what industry, profession, or walk of life that we choose, we must take those moments to celebrate our triumphs and every little bit counts.  This post is dedicated to all of you out there striving to do bigger and better each day while learning that it is not about how we start but how we finish. We will make mistakes but the key is build from them!  I CELEBRATE YOU!! CHEEERS!!

**update to post** Special congratulations to our awesome Canadian Women’s Soccer Team who won the gold medal, led by the well-deserved Captain Christine Sinclair, our 200 metre gold medal sprinter Andre De Grasse and a Huge congrats to Damian Warner who won Canada’s first ever decathlon gold with an amazing performance across the event’s 10 disciplines! It has been said that the decathlon is the ultimate Olympic sport with the winner being crowned as the “World’s Greatest Athlete”.  For Tokyo Olympic Highlights check out !

Shar xoxo


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