Birthday Reflections ✨

I started the tradition last year of doing a “Birthday Reflection” post. Really, it is a time for me to appreciate all those who have and continue to make my life special, including my readers and listeners on my various platforms! Thank You!!! I feel so blessed this year…from the wide success of my film “2020” to being healthy and safe during these pandemic days. 🙌.

I took a moment on my birthday, which was a few days ago, to relax and unwind at a beautiful Spa, just north of Toronto called Go Place. If you are ever in the city…check it out! I also had balloons and goodies delivered from family and friends and not to mention the many phone calls and dinner dates! Words cannot describe how special I felt!! If there is a Birthday moment that you’ve had thus far that is your favourite, leave a comment below as I would love to hear about it!

Until then, here are a few pics!

Sincerely, Shar xoxo

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