That Time of the Year Again!

Every year in September, Torontonians and tourists from across the globe gather to celebrate the love of Art as it translates through film!  The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is one of the largest film festivals in the world and attracts over 480,000 people each year! The festival began in 1976 and it continues to get bigger and better.  I took some time out to see one film in particular entitled American Son, starring Kerry Washington.  This film was definitely top on my list as it speaks to our current climate of race and police brutality.  Other notable movies and stars at TIFF this year included Jennifer Lopez in her movie Hustlers and Michael B. Jordan alongside Jamie Foxx in Just Mercy.


Kerry Washington Movie Premiere American Son
Kerry Washington and cast at TIFF 2019 Premiere of American Son
Kerry Washington TIFF 2019 Photo credit - Sharma MacDonald
Kerry Washington on TIFF 2019 Media Red Carpet

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