The “I Rise” Series

For the past year I have been involved with an organization entitled Women of Impact Organization.  Women of Impact Organization (WIO) is one whose mission is to promote women’s rights, empowerment, leadership, and young girls’ education.  I have spoken at length about the Organization in a previous post as I had the privilege of Hosting its’ inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference.

This year, I am Producer for a series of online conversations entitled “I Rise” Series.  I have experience with television production but this unprecedented time of Covid-19 has caused me to shift my focus into producing Online Segments.  We have a set of programs with amazing guests, ready to empower and provide tools & solutions for societal change.  Our first episode was about Career Transitioning in the Covid-19 Era, and the topic of our second episode was Race and Discrimination:  How they affect the Mental Health of Women & the Younger Generation.  Both powerful subjects as they inevitably relate to our lives in 2020.   You can catch the “I Rise” Series weekly on Facebook Live @WomenofImpactOrganization.

Check out the Women of Impact Organization Facebook page for further details, past episodes and about how you can be involved!

Hope to see you there! xoxoxo

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