Mental Health Award Nomination

To my wonderful neighbours to the south, the United States (I appreciate you checking out my blog!) May marks Mental Health Awareness Month. Although here in Canada many of the mental health awareness campaigns are run in October, there are groups that also acknowledge Mental Health Awareness in the month of May, especially the Canadian Mental Health Association’s (CMHA) Mental Health Week . This year CMHA’s Mental Health Week was held May 3 – May 9th 2021 with the slogan #GetReal

The way I see it, the more we discuss mental health and its place in our society the better! I’ve written in previous blog posts how I had to make mental health care a priority in my life, especially as a Creative and Entrepreneur, often times labelling myself as “high-functioning” or “high-performing”. I have recently come across the term “high-functioning anxiety”, which I will be sure to cover in an upcoming blog post or in my next article that I write for the publishing platform Medium. For tips on managing your mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic, please refer to my article already on Medium

It is no secret that one of my ways of dealing with mental health issues is through writing. One of the most rewarding parts of being a filmmaker is knowing that your film is positively impacting others. No matter which occupation you hold, taking care of your mental health is crucial to leading a life of quality and reaching your full potential.

YORKTON FILM FESTIVAL (YFF) based in Saskatchewan, Canada is widely known as the longest running film festival held in North America. That being said, I was elated that my latest film titled 2020 was nominated for YFF’s prestigious Golden Sheaf Award in the category of…wait for it…..MENTAL HEALTH! Needless to say, this nomination was so important to me and a testament to what I feel is part of my purpose on earth; to speak into the lives of others through my films. This is definitely one of the highest achievements in my career thus far, having my film be selected for such a vital, honourable category. For more information on the festival itself visit

For further information on Mental Health Awareness Month, visit Mental Health America

Stay blessed!

Shar xoxo

The 2020 film Mental Health Nomination, alongside YFF partners APTN, Citytv, Creative Saskatchewan that help make the YFF and Golden Sheaf Awards possible!

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