Happy New Year – The Year of Manifestation!

The year of Manifestation.  Manifestation, I’ve heard this term floating around a lot lately. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term Manifest: “to make evident or certain by showing or displaying”. I guess I’ve been doing this throughout my journey. Every year, I make a vision board of what I hope to accomplish not only for that year but also long-term; it serves as a reminder of what I want, keeps me on track and holds me accountable.  And yes, I am a visual person so my vision board has actual cutout pictures, logos, letters of companies I want to collaborate with (I know..starting to sound a little creepy lol).  My vision board covers every area of my life such as art , health, career, finances and of course religion (God/faith). 

Many people choose to write out their vision as a list which is fine as well, or even type them and keep them as reminders in their phones!  You would be surprised when you look back on your board, just how much you’ve actually accomplished, and it doesn’t always or may not always be the direct outcome but a variation of it.  I have a story to share about this in future post so stay tuned!

My vision for 2022 includes more interviews and collabs with various Television, Newspapers, and Magazines so I constantly keep the below photo with me as a reminder of my goals.  Even though I already have appeared in all of the networks in that photo, it represents what I have done thus, encouraging me to keep the momentum!! My goal with every network is to discuss mental health + creatives as well as my journey as a Black artist in the industry.  Most importantly, my faith is important to me so I pray before starting my vision board so that my goals will align with what my Heavenly Creator has for me!  Some more stuff you’ll find on my vision board, you ask??…More network appearances, acting on CBS shows like Bold and the Beautiful, TED Talks, Yes TV, and YouTube Lifestyle shows. You gotta put it all out there and watch what comes back to ya!

Drop a comment below if you have ever created a vision board, I would love to know your thoughts!

Shar xoxo

Sharma MacDonald As seen on CBS News, Fox, NBC among other television networks

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