BHM – Being Black in Canada

One of my favourite moments of Black History Month is being invited to share my story as well as experiences, especially being born and living in Canada. I had the opportunity to be amongst prominent African-Canadians and share my journey on a Black History Month special. Needless to say I used the platform to show, contrary to what many would believe, that Canada has a history of oppression, particularly of Black and Indigenous persons. I educated viewers on Africville in Nova Scotia. Africville was an African-Canadian village just north of Halifax. The City of Halifax demolished the once-prosperous seaside community in the 1960s in an act of racism. For instance, water was made unsafe to drink and inhabitable conditions forced many out of the village. Furthermore, I also discussed my short film based on social injustice, in addition to growing up in what is said to be the most multicultural city in the world. Stay tuned for the full link to my interview.

Being Black in Canada…Sharma MacDonald
Sharma MacDonald Actor, Filmmaker and Multimedia Journalist sharing her story

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