A Picture Says a Thousand Words

This post is definitely one of my shorter ones but only because I feel the visual attached to it speaks for itself. I was honoured when I was approached last year by Central New York Woman Online Magazine for a feature, and then doubly honoured and humbled when I was told that I would be the face on the cover of its Dec/Jan 2020 edition! I spoke more about this experience in a previous blog post. Anyway, I recently happened to come across my magazine amongst other magazine covers online and although it was wonderful to see, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that I am the only black woman in the below photo. I thank Central New York Woman Online Magazine for being inclusive and I hope that other magazines continue to do the same, especially as 2020 has put a spotlight on the issue of race relations on a whole.

I celebrate this win however, I mainly celebrate it for little girls who look like me, yearning to see more of themselves in print and television!

Sharma MacDonald magazine cover on newsstands
Sharma MacDonald’s cover among other magazine covers

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