This Is 2020.

Special Announcement: New Project! In addition to producing and directing a virtual series entitled I Rise Series for a women’s organization, I wrote and acted in a meaningful short film during this pandemic season. A film that ties Covid-19, Mental Health, and Race Relations together.  During the past few months, I have been requested to do panel discussions on Zoom, IG Live, Podcasts but these pandemics of both Covid-19 and Racism touched me so deeply that I had to go back to my roots to accurately express myself.  When I say my roots, I mean my creative roots…Writing and Acting.  As much as I adore TV hosting and public speaking, there is always that fundamental part of me that conveys my feelings best through writing and acting via Film.  By the Grace of God, this is how my voice will be heard to make a lasting impression. 

How will your voice be heard?  I have learned that there is no right nor wrong way to express yourself during these challenging times.  You need to take a moment and realize what works best for you.  If you want to sign petitions, then do so.  If you want to march in the streets, then do so.  If you want to donate to the many relief funds, then do so.  If you want to just have a conversation with one person, then do so.  If you want to write in your journal or use this time to educate yourself, then I encourage you to do so.  We are all in this together.

The film I’m involved in is entitled 2020…and for good reason.  I’ll share an exclusive brief synopsis for my readers:  In 2020, humankind is facing one of the biggest pandemics of our time with Covid-19, while another pandemic is on the horizon.  We take a look into the personal life of Sharma, a black psychologist, who is now forced to confront her own suppressed emotions as tensions rise and the issue of race is pushed to the forefront.

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Also check out the info and links below of how you can continue to aid our communities!

World Health Organization:

Racial Justice Organizations:

Elle Canada Magazine also put out an article on ways to support the black community in Canada:

Remember my motto in life: Love, Live & Give

Sharma xoxo


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